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This is for information for all participants taking part or students who will take part in DebCon Model United Nations 2021 that the conference is happening in offline mode. Strict COVID-19 protocols will be followed for the safety of every participant during the two days of the conference. The following is the list of protocols decided for the two days of the conference:

1. Wearing face masks is compulsory for all participants. Participants not wearing a mask will not be allowed inside the conference venue. Temperature checks will take place at the main gate before any participant, organizing committee member, EB member enters the premises. 

2. Sanitizers shall be placed in every corner of the venue for easy access for participants. We still recommend all participants to bring a pocket sanitizer for their own personal use. 

3. Opening and closing ceremonies shall take place in a staggered manner with fewer amount of people in one common area. 

4. Due to COVID-19 protocols, strength in each committee shall be limited and proper social distancing norms shall be followed. Seating arrangements shall also be in compliance with COVID-19 social distancing norms. 

5. Due to COVID-19 protocols and our endeavor to reduce plastic, we request all participants to carry their own water bottles to reduce the spread of the virus and keep our surroundings clean. 

6. Each delegate and executive board member shall be given a QR code via mail. Entry will only take place post scanning the QR code. Once permitted entry inside the premises, no person shall be allowed to exit apart from emergency situations or as deemed fit by the organizers. All entry and exit points shall be sealed during the conference hours. 

7. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Any person found doing so shall face consequences as deemed fit by the organizer (Inclusive of, but not limited to suspension for a temporary period, disqualification, and/or dismissal of candidature, if any)

8. Food distribution and dispersal shall take place strictly as per time schedules. 

9. Since the distribution of chits during committee sessions can be a way of transferring the virus, all-conference staff members will be changed on rotation and shall undergo sanitization before being allotted to their new committee. Inconvinience is regretted. 

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