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Letter by Secretary General



I do not address you as a Secretary General for a Model UN Conference. I rather wish to reach out to you as just another participant in this extremely challenging, yet incredible activity. 7 years ago, I began my Model UN Journey as a confused high school kid whose primary purpose was to wear a fancy suit to a fancy conference. The concept, p. the surroundings, the people, everything was alien to me. It is a daunting task, what Model UN's ask of children like us. It requires us to role play diplomats much older, much wiser and more experienced than us. It requires us to read books, articles, resolutions and reports, and understand issues that are being discussed at the highest echelons of decision making. It asks us to set aside our personal opinion and bias, and look at the world from differing perspectives. More than anything else, it warrants us to stand and speak in front of hundreds of people about something we know so little about. But as frightening as it may sound, like it did(and probably still does) to me all those years ago, the best outcome of a Model UN Activity is that it allows us to learn and master all of those experiences and so much more. It makes us more informed, more skilled and more educated than we could ever perceive ourselves to be. That has always been the underlying principle of a Model UN. It was never about who has the better argument or who can lobby the best to draft the most effective solution. It is merely a platform for us to learn and most importantly, sensitize ourselves to the problems that plague us as a civilization. 


These problems we hear and ardently debate about in our activities are very real, even if we don't directly face them in our personal spaces. Only when we sensitize ourselves and our peers toward them, do we begin to work towards action upon them. It has been rightly said that the first step to solving any problem is recognizing there is one. Recognition, borne out of feeling towards a cause and understanding the sentiment most be categorized as the need of the hour. That is what I am proud to have learnt in the past 7 years from over 100 MUN's and I hope you can too from this conference.

 I urge all participants to plunge into their research, take copious notes, ask themselves questions and soak in as much as they can. Learning never starts or stops at any age. If you are unwilling to learn, nobody can help you but if you are willing to learn, nobody can stop you. It is this willingness which makes for great leaders, and that is what we believe every single Delegate at DebCon MUN is capable of becoming.

Yours sincerely,




Secretary General

DebCon MUN 2020

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