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Warm Greetings,

On behalf of Libre Model United Nations by DebCon, it is my honour to invite you to the very first edition of Libre E-Mun which will be held on an online platform on 27th and 28th June 2020. Model UN has always had the power to make people stand up for what they believe in and create a fostering environment for knowledge. This power creates a desire to not only learn about the world, but help find solutions which can combat the problems many people are facing. So today in the middle of a global pandemic, to keep the spirit of debating alive, are organizing E-MUN.

MUN helps delegates personally through creating confidence, passion, and a driven mindset to do better. With the hands-on experience debating about international relations, current events, and politics, MUN has the ability to drive people to create a better world with creative solutions for the people who live in it

 With that said,in the middle of a global pandemic we hope that Libre E-MUN will provide a platform for all the delegates to do the exact same. We hope it is a place for delegates to develop and continue to learn these crucial skills that can be used in all aspects of life. Whether it be debating on the issue of gender selective abortion, or finding a solution to tackle emerging forms of organized crime and terrorism, delegates will be deeply engaged in a challenging environment that will improve their debate skills and foster connections in the real world.

The Aim of Libre MUN is to redefine freedom and create a mindset that your own words can transform what is accomplished in committee through the use of passion and thinking. It is our hope that delegates will be able to transform our world with their words and become the next set of powerful leaders our generation needs. With this hope, delegates will be able to take action on any problem they face and conquer it through the use of their words. Please feel free to contact us or any other secretariat member with any questions and/or concerns. Registration is now open, and be sure to check out our instagram @libremunofficial for more information. I am looking forward to see all of you at Libre E-MUN ’20


Secretary General 

Libre By DebCon 


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As the Chief Advisor of Libre by DebCon, I welcome you all to the first edition of Libre E MUN 2.0 .


Libre fosters the growth of leaders as the central principle of the institution, and we seek to do the same through our E Mun while addressing the issues of sustainability that affect populations around the world. Model United Nations as an activity gives students a chance to step out of their uniforms, which are synonyms with classroom learning, and engage with people and problems that we shall deal with when we step into the real world.


I will stand behind each and every member of my team, as they are some of the most wonderful hosts to you will meet in June. I wish you all the best for your preparations, and know and know that we shall always be available to help you. When all of us come together for two days of intense deliberations, negotiations and strive for excellence, the world shall know that it was Libre by DebCon 2.0 2020 where this journey of leadership began.



Arjun Arora

Libre By DebCon

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